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  1. #1 by Bianca, Fabio, Elsa and Camille on 31.05.2010 - 17:39

    After four months in Baia Mare, we finally start to write our blog !

    We are four EVS volunteers living in the same flat. Let us present ourselves : our names are Bianca, 22 years old and Fabio, 25 from Italy, Elsa, 24 from Spain and Camille, 23, from France. Bianca and Fabio, we arrived here the 15th of January and we will come back in Italy in July. Elsa, I am here since the 14th of Febrary and I will come back in Spain in November. Camille, I have started EVS the 23th of January and I will come back to France in September.

    Since we are here, we are volunteering in the association Caritas, doing educational activities for gypsy children. We are also involved in the Y activities with the other YMCA volunteers. And finally, we organize some workshops in our different mother tongues in a primary school of Baia Mare.

    Here, we can experience a different way of living, with a different culture, in a different kind of city than what we are used to. By the way, we meet the people who are living here. So, we can say that EVS is a great opportunity to enter into the community and to become a part of it !

    As part of our EVS experience, we did an on-arrival training in Febrary in Bucarest Bianca and Fabio, we did a middle term training in May in Predeal. As well as to have fun, these trainings give us the possibility to meet other EVS volunteers living also in Romania, coming from all over Europe or even further. Therefore, it gives an european dimension to our EVS experience and allows us to share what we are living. And we can say that making friends all around Romania is very usefull in order to travel and discover the country !

    Sometimes, in Baia Mare, we have surprises…
    Step by step, our flat is becoming an animal shelter ! Since the begining we were used to hosting mosquitos but as we are open-minded, then we have also taken care of three kittens -which were adopted later by another host family in the country side- and now, we have a little doggy called Dacia !

    So, if you wanna do EVS, be ready to meet all kinds of individuals living in the country you’re going in !

  2. #2 by Bianca on 14.07.2010 - 21:01


    I want to tell you about our holiday in Romania and how easy it is to hitchhike in this country .
    It all started after our middle term training, where we met other guys engaged in EVS like us, and with them we decided to go in the famous Vama Veche!!
    Our trip started in Baia Mare, perfectly from the other part of Romania compared to Vama Veche, three people plus a little dog, ready to try the experience that everybody talks about: Hitchhiking in Romania.
    We prepared our itinerary, first stop: Arad, where we met the other volunteers.
    With signs in hand and eager for adventure, we began our trip and find that is very easy to hitchhike in this country; in fact, after just 30 minutes of waiting, a boy with his van took us up to Oradea, and from there just enough time to get off the van, that a truck driver took to Arad!!
    In 6 hours we arrived in Arad!
    We needed less time than with train, without using money, with more fun and the possibility to see better the landscape around us!!GREAT START GUYS!!!
    Arrived in Arad we meet our friends.
    We decided to spend two nights there before starting the real long trip to the sea.
    From Arad we were 8, 4 pairs, one with our dog that had become the pet of the group!!ah..the dog is called Dacia!!
    We left early morning, around 6, we decided to see each other again in the evening on the beach of Vama Veche!!
    We prepared various signs to show to the cars on the road and several bus stops that we thought to cross.
    Actually we were pretty lucky: at 4 pm we were already close to Constanta, in a small village called Lehliu.
    It is from this small village that we begin to have the first difficulties … time passes, it’s 5.30 pm and no one stops, actually we were in a position a little bit uncomfortable to stop and also was a very small town and no more that two cars passed every 10 minutes!!
    Everything had gone too well till that point…we had to find a problem, didn’t we?
    We had to arrive at least in Constanta in the evening then..what to do?
    We walk under the sun to the station to see if there was a train to Constanta and of course there wasn’t!!!again..what to do?
    We took a train to another small small town called Feteşti then we begin to hitchhike again from there… it was an incredible experience!!!
    We were there, outside the station, as usually with the sign in our hands trying to get to Constanta when…a man with his partner stopped to ask where we were going and after learning that we were hitchhiking to Constanta, they starts to say we were mad, that the village was very dangerous and full of Gypsies … the man was the police commander!!
    He called for us a team of policemen that, with their van, they took us till the beginning of the highway then they stopped a truck and “forced” to take us too. Constanta…WOWOWOWOWOWWWW!!!!I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!!!
    Arrived in Constanza we met two other volunteers and tired of the trip we paid a man who took us up to Vama Veche…so in the end we paid 25 lei per person to travel from Baia Mare to Vama Veche and we spend exactly the same time as the train!
    No need to say that our vacation on the beach was simply fabulous, relaxing, quiet but full of fun at any time of day and night!!It was also a multicultural holiday in our camp on the beach ,we were 9 people from Estonia, Uruguay, Austria, France, Jordan and Italy and then we met guys from Hungary, Romania, Germany…was supposed to spend there only two days but then we were there for almost one week…!!!

    Going back to Baia Mare was again an adventure, stopping one night in Bucharest … but that’s another story…What can I say after all that is: try to hitchhike in Romania ,because it is true that it is really easy and really fun and you will have for sure funny stories to tell on your return and good memories!!!

  3. #3 by Camille on 23.10.2010 - 13:20

    I hope everybody is fine ! I write on the blog to tell you a little bite about my coming back in France ! The travel was good. Of course a little bite sad to say goodbye to Baia Mare but in an other hand, nice to see again my family and my friends after 8 months !

    Unbelievable : coming back in France after 8 months was like coming back after 2 weeks of holidays ! Like if Romania was suddenly a pleasant time far away behind, like a dream.

    But several details have reminded me that I’ve left France longer than only 2 weeks and that this experience was real. First, my little brother : indeed, to win so many centimeters in 2 weeks is not possible ! Also some new events in my friends’ life : « Do you know that they have decided to get married ? », « I live in a new flat now », etc… « Really ??? ». And then, some automatisms I was not aware to have kept here. For exemple, I tried to buy a train ticket with lei, situation which made the woman of the train station very curious ! Or, my friends made me notice that I kiss them in the wrong direction now ! Then, I try to practice the few things I know in Romanian language with my parents’ dog ! « Haide ! Stai jos ! » !

    This week, I participated to the « EVS coming back training ». It was very nice ! It took place in the west of France, near Poitier, in the country side. I met there other EVS volunteers, some of them coming back like me (Portugal, Tchek Republik, Maroco, Italy, Greece) and others about to leave with different destinations (Pologn, Italy, Vietnam, Turquy, United Kingdom, Lituania , Ukrainia, Macedonia, Tunisy, Armenia…). Such a good feeling to share our experiences, our feelings, our new projects ! Cause actually, only few people who don’t live this kind of projects are able to listen your experience. It’s frustrating but normal ! And very friendly atmosphere, full of games by the way.
    Basicaly, people who are coming back are full of energy, with more intiatives, more oppen and willing to travel more and more again ! Everybody has taken detachment with his life through EVS. Nobody came back married this time but I know that two volunteers plan to come back in their EVS country for working !

    Now, I’m preparing a new travel : next Tuesday I’m leaving for south America !

    I wish to everybody all the best ! O zi buna si la revedere !!!

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