YMCA spirit (EN)

yspiritServing the community – is our goal and this is what Baia Mare YMCA is doing, taking step by step. Nowadays, we have 200 volunteers trying to make a difference for the young people. We identify the needs of the youngsters from our communities and run projects which fulfill those needs. Through our projects we create opportunities for the young people to discover and develop their skills, to empower them to become a strong voice in the community, to take increased responsibilities and assume leadership at all level.

Our local YMCA created and developed partnerships with the local authorities, the other stakeholders in the communities, in order to run successful educational projects, camps, art workshops, international exchanges, trainings, different awareness campaigns, services, to become a living and active source of changing and inspiration for all.

In our organizations we built and developed the “YMCA spirit”, a pro-active one, passed through generations of members and volunteers, a sense of belonging to a great world family, dedicated to the growth of all persons in spirit, mind and body.


“There’s something about the Y; when it ‘gets’ you, it’s in your blood for life! The Y has an enormous capacity to transform a person’s life within a surprisingly short period of time”.

I show my appreciations to all the local authorities, NGO’s, to our partners from abroad for their trust and support: New Rochelle YMCA (USA), Beaver County YMCA (USA), YMCA Europe, YMCA Italy, and all the national and local movements to whom we worked together in youth projects.

I thank our dedicated members and volunteers for their hard work, initiative and Y spirit in achieving our goals and I just tell them: BE THE CHANGE! BE YMCA!

I believe that young people have a great contribution to make to our society and YMCA has the capacity to give them the best chance to make healthy decisions that will empower them to live a full and rewarding life.

Alina Pop,
Director Baia Mare YMCA