Projects (EN)

YMCA Baia Mare provides educational, recreational, social and values-based programming for youth, being recognized as a leader in youth field and as an asset in the local community and Maramures County.

YMCA Spirit!Here are some projects and programs that we run during the last years:

  • “Art against drugs”: prevention in drug consuming among younsters :co-financed by Local Council and City Hall -2006
  • “Get involved”: organizational management and specialized trainings provided for other NGOs – co-financed by National Youth Authorities – 2006
  • “Don`t hesitate, act! “–Youth in Action training program for other NGOs – co-financed by National Youth Authorities – 2007
  • “Photoshot” 1st edition (2007) and 2nd edition (2008): photo contest and exhibition for youngsters who has a passion for photography and promoting new talents co-financed by National Youth Authorities -2007/2008
  • “Community youth center 4U”: establishing a youth centre in the community :co-financed by US Washington State Department through US Embassy in Bucharesti- 2006-2007
  • “Life Skills: Let`s learn from each others”: social inclusion project with poor kids and roma kids – co-financed by Peace Corps- 2007
  • “Baia Mare youngsters in action”: sports, festival, ecology, arts, anti-tabacco trainings : co-financed by Local Council and City Hall -2007
  • “Youngsters serving the community”: empowering the youth to take actions, to get involved in the community work: sports, ecology, festival, social inclusion activities, cultural evenings, recruitment campaign : co-financed by Local Council and City Hall -2008
  • “Path to art”: promoting traditional songs and dances among kids and youngsters – co-financed by Maramures County Council -2008
  • “YMCA Basketball” – classes /service provided for kids between 10-15 years old -2009
  • “Friendship Camp” 1st edition, 2nd edition and 3rd edition– daily camp for roma kids and very poor neibourhood kids – co-financed by Beaver County YMCA (USA) – 2007, 2008 , 2009
  • “7 wonders of YMCA” – promoting volunteerism, social inclusion, dialog between different ethnical, social, cultural, groups, support the elders and kids from orphanages-2009
  • “TenSing”– weekly workshops : singing, dancing and acting (theatre) 2005-2009;
  • “Kids Club” – 2 hours per day different kinf of activities for kids between 5-12 years old: funny games, crafts, funny science, english, drawing, music, dance, story club-2009;
  • “Youth online community magazine- Youth Voice” – 2009.
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