EVS in Armenia – Testimonial from Alexandrina

Alexandrina Vasilichi, started her EVS in Yerevan, Armenia, on 1st of September 2013, for 12 months.

Her hosting organization is Armenian UN Association – AUNA , the coordinating organization is: ICIRLD , and her sending organization is YMCA Baia Mare.

Her EVS is close to an end , so here is a beautiful testimonial from her:

Me and Caterina on Women's Day“Me and the other EVS volunteer, Caterina, have co-founded the AUNA EuroClub as it was established within our EVS project. In order for the activities that we create through the EuroClub to be more successful we are cooperating with the EU Center in Yerevan and we’ve been allowed touse their facilities in order to organizeour events. Every one or two weeks we are organizing and holding an event at EU Center. Some examples of the events are: “EU Integration vs Eurasian Union Debating Event”, “Gender Equality Movie Screening”. 

Recently, for the last 2 weeks, the two of us and other volunteers have been working in cooperation with UNHCR in order to create a flashmob for the World Refugee Day on the 20th of June. 

Another activity that I am involved in is teaching English. AUNA is offering the possibility to Syrian and Iranian refugees and locals to learn and improve their English. These English classes are particularly aiming to facilitate the refugees’ integration into society. During these English classes I am teaching basic and intermediate levels of English. I must say that teaching English to the basic group is a bit challenging but in the same time is a great pleasure as it helps me to learn new Armenian words and expressions and it also pushes me to think to different approaches.P1040102

Apart from the volunteering work that I do for AUNA, I also got involved in different EYP conferences and events. Recently I took part in the International EYP Forum Armenia which I enjoyed very much and with this occasion I also had the chance to represent my country through different traditional dishes.

Me and Olga (a romanian girl)I must say that I enjoy very much living here. Now that I have little time at disposal to stay here I’m trying to do in such a manner that I don’t waste it and involve myself in different activities from which I have a lot of things to learn and new interesting and smart people to meet.

This experience as an EVS volunteer has brought way too many things in my life and mind. It’s helped me to settle even deeper some of the preferences that I had, it’s helped me to come into contact with new passions that I am convinced that will follow me for the rest of my life, it’s helped me observe and analyze different human characters and to form in my mind new portraits, it’s taught me to want to be active and daring and have the courage to speak up and say what I want, It’s helped me to learn to choose the activities and things that are good and necessary for me and that also develop me as the person I want to be, it’s helped me to figure out what is the draft of the life that I would like to have and what kind of people I would like to have next to me. This list could get even longer.”


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The EVS (European Voluntary Service) project will take place in Rychnov nad Kněžnou, in Czezch Republic, 3 hours from Prague.

Starting date: 01/09/2014

Ending date: 31/08/2015

Hosting Organization: DECKO, Rychnov nad Kněžnou,  Czezch Republic,

Sending Organization: YMCA Baia Mare, Romania


Profile of the volunteer:

Age: 18-30

– basic knowledge of English language

– responsible, motivated and interested to work with children, youth and small animals.


Activities of the volunteer:

  • Preparing intercultural programmes in the youth club, “Thecko” – teaching young people about EU programmes under the Youth in Action programme.
  • Organising workshops for secondary schools in Rychnov
  • Creating websites about European programmes for young people
  • Preparing exhibitions about culture and the life of young people in different countries
  • Help with preparing, organising and implementing sport or cultural events for children, schools or the public
  • Participate in making a database of photographs, making exhibitions of current activities throughout the whole year
  • Preparing and helping with workshops in non-formal activities (dance, ceramics, sports, cooking, languages, arts, music…)
  • Taking care of animals – pets (small rabbits, hamsters, turtles, guinea pigs, degu)
  • Help with preparing leisure time programmes for different groups of children
  • Participate in conversation classes for young people and adults
  • The volunteers can come up with their own ideas or projects according to their skills or interests and implement them using our staff as a tutor to guide them (for example lead their own workshops)
  • Cooperation with coordinating organisation in relation to mutual activities and projects
  • Regular meetings in “Volunteers Nest” in Decko Nachod

For more information please read the Info Letter: VACANCY RYCHNOV NAD KNEZNOU

In order to apply please send your CV (with photo) and a motivation letter, both in English, to:  roxana@ymca.ro, until 1st of August 2014! write in the subject line: EVS Cehia

The project supports 90% of the traveling costs and European health insurance. The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance and pocket money.




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EVS in Macedonia – “Let’s Make The Change”


“Let’s Make The Change” EVS project will take place in Prilep, Macedonia between 1st of May – 31st of October 2014 and will host three EVS volunteers from FR, IT and RO.

Hosting Organization: Youth Information and Counseling Center, Prilep, Macedonia

Sending Organization: YMCA Baia Mare, Romania

Short summary of the project

Group EVS project “Let’s make the change” is a long-term project involving 6 volunteers from EU countries (FR, IT, SP, RO and PT) in local youth work activities in Prilep, Macedonia for a period of 12 month (6 months activity for each volunteer).  Three volunteers will start the project in May 2014. After their service for 6 months, three more volunteers from different countries will continue their activities from November 2014. The volunteers will be actively involved in daily work services in Youth Information and Counseling centre INFO SEGA working on different tasks, activities and projects and partly in Coalition SEGA in Prilep, Macedonia.


The volunteers will be involved into these services and themes:

INFOrmation right NOW (Youth leisure, youth information)

Youth entrepreneurial club (Youth unemployment issue, youth entrepreneurship and creativity)

INFO NOW Reporter (Discovering local culture and the country heritage).

The objectives of the project are set for the volunteers to feel the cultural and social differences.

There are many types of activities where the volunteers will be involved such as running workshops and educations for local young people using different creative tools that can be useful for group learning and providing youth work and information linked with the local community development.  The planned activities will not only help the volunteers to learn and grow, but also they will contribute to strength the civil society in Macedonia as developing country.

There will be open space for the volunteers to implement their ideas to improve the quality of the project and encourage more and more youngsters to be active in the events delivered by them. During these experiences the volunteers as well as the youngsters will have intercultural learning in order to have a better understanding in each other culture.

Series of Monthly e-newsletters will be final product in this project which will consist each realized activity and methods done by the EVS.

The volunteer from Romania will be in charged for helping in the service INFO NOW Reporter – Discovering local culture and the country heritage, which will be explored by EVS through a photo art/exhibition and outdoor activities. Reporting for history, monuments, tradition in Macedonia, reporting in Pulse radio, report videos, photos on web, organizing Photo art/exhibition, organizing Outdoor activities with local youth, research, meeting with the local population, conducting interviews and writing articles on the local life in the municipalities involved in the project and publishing of the reportage on the website.

Profile of volunteers

The volunteers should be in 18 – 30 years of age. They should have computer skills in Microsoft Office and using Internet. It would be good to have knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw but it is not obligatory. The volunteers should have good communication capabilities, able to work in a team, willing to work with young people from different nationalities and religions. The volunteers need to be responsible, diligent, creative, open minded, ambitious, interested in innovative ways of communication and implementing creative activities.

prilep-panorama-macedoniaPractical arrangements

Each of the volunteers will work 30 hours per week. Weekends are days off. Besides, the volunteers will receive two days of holiday per month. Volunteers is supposed to coordinate his or her vacation plans with mentors at least 2 weeks before. They  will receive money for food every month. Volunteers will be accommodated in a flat close to the mentors and the working place. Internet and other equipment for work will be provided in the offices. The offices are ideally situated in the center of the town, close to all institutions. Volunteers will receive monthly allowance in amount of 50 euro, plus pocket money.

In order to apply please send your CV (with photo) and a motivation letter, both in English, to:  roxana.pascan@gmail.com, until 20th of January 2014.

If selected, you will need a valid passport!

The project supports 90% of the traveling costs, visa costs and European health insurance.


The project is funded by the European Comission, through the Youth In Action Programme, European Voluntary Service.


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PHOTO SHOT editia a 7-a. Concurs de fotografie

DSC05909Concursul de fotografie PHOTOSHOT se intoarce si in acest an – editia a 7-a.



Concursul este deschis oricui, in special amatorilor de arta fotografica, cu varsta cuprinsa intre 15 si 35 de ani.

Pozele, listate, in format A4 (20/30) , vor trebui trimise la adresa: (prin posta sau personal), impreuna cu formularul de concurs: Formular inscriere_photoshot7_2013

Asociatia YMCA Baia Mare
Str. Moldovei nr.2, Hotel Ambassador etaj 1
Baia Mare, Maramures

Fotografiile trebuie trimise pana la data de 21 octombrie 2013, impreuna cu 

Vernisajul si premierea vor avea loc in data de 28 octombrie, ora 16:00, la Biblioteca Judeteana Petre Dulfu – Salonul Artelor.

Pozele vor ramane expuse in acea locatie pana in data de 4 noiembrie.

Pentru regulamentul complet accesati – regulament 2013

Mult succes! :)

Proiectul PhotoShot este co-finantat de MTS prin DJST MM (Directia Judeteana de Sport si Tineret Maramures).


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The Great Adventure of Active Citizenship

Between 19th-27th of July 2013, 6 young volunteers of YMCA Baia Mare (Laura, Anamaria, Giovanna, Roxi, Raul & Andy) joined the youth exchange organized by Preles Association, in Zilina, Slovakia.

Together with other youngsters from Slovakia, Netherlands, Hungary, Greece and Czech Republic they learned more about active citizenship, discovering their true potential through various non-formal methods (outdoors, teamwork, creativity, role-plays, town events, etc)

The project was financed by The Youth In Action Programme of the European Commission.

Check out some photos here:


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