2 Youth Exchanges in Turkey

1. ONCE UPON A TIME IN EUROPE – Youth Exchange


Location: ADANA – TURKEYAdana_city

Period: 7th-15th June 2016 (including arrival and departure days)

Vacancies: 5 Places for Romanian participants (18-25 years) + 1 group leader (no age limit), with valid passport.

Theme: stereotypes, prejudice, cultural diversity

Activities: Team work, theatre performance, workshop, local visit, simulation, role plays, meeting with disable people, meeting local authorities

Costs: Accommodation and 3 meals per day are provided. Travel costs are reimbursed to the participants in the maximum limit of 170 eur (both ways). Costs for the passport and travel/health insurance are not reimbursed.

12525352_10208406692586065_855914788590354021_oFor more info, please read carefully the info pack here: OnceUponInfo

Application: For applying, please fill in the application form-ApplicationForm_OnceUpon and send it to roxana@ymca.ro, until 1st of May 2016, with the subject line: YE-Once Upon a Time in Europe.

The faster you apply, the cheapest the plane tickets are!





12974545_1069512199772056_5785908273651595186_nLocation: ARTVIN – TURKEY

Period: 20th-28th June 2016 (including arrival and departure days)

Vacancies: 4 Places for Romanian participants (18-25 years) + 1 group leader (no age limit), with valid passport.

Theme: creation of puppets by using primarily trash items or recycled materials in order to raise environmental awareness

Activities: Creative puppetry: history of puppets – types of puppets – creating puppets – puppets and environment: give_recycled_puppetkitlearn how to use reused and recycled materials Marionettes: types of marionettes – creating marionettes
Techniques: manipulation and performance techniques Performance: performing – scenography – directing –

Costs: Accommodation and 3 meals per day are provided. Travel costs are reimbursed to the participants in the maximum limit of 170 eur (both ways). Costs for the passport and travel/health insurance are not reimbursed.

For more info, please read carefully the info pack here: puppets info pack

Application: For applying, please fill in the application form-ApplicationForm_Puppet, and send it to roxana@ymca.ro, until  1st of May 2016, with the subject line: YE-Europe in the Eyes of Puppets.

The faster you apply, the cheapest the plane tickets are!


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Y’MOCRACY – seminar in Turkey


14-20 FEBRUARY 2015




VACANCY: 2 available places for ROMANIANS (18+ years old, with valid passport)

Project Description:

This project aims at providing an unbiased platform for debate and experiences on democracy processes, from local to international level, to analyse mechanisms that regulate democratic life.

The theme: Democracy for Youth. How can young people take part in democratic process? What’s missing to involve young people in Democracy life of EU (from local to international)?


  • to make democratic processes clear to young people, both at national and international level (including EU institutions and EU policies);
  • to learn from each other’s country experience;
  • to stimulate the involvement of young people in democratic life;
  • to promote active citizenship;
  • to compare each other thinking and life experiences about the topic (difficulties, experiences);
  • to analyse obstacles in making voice of young people heard, and to get them over;
  • to contribute to stimulate and suggest new propose of expansion about the chosen field (new ways of taking part of democratic life, new processes);

DSC_0207aThe project will bring together young people interesting on the topic and experts from different countries (one expert on the topic for each country, member of a public body)

Target group: youth leaders, young people, local authorities

Participating countries: 27 participants from Poland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Estonia.

Duration: The seminar will last 7 days, from 14- 20 February 2016

Activities and methods used:

  • role playing activities (especially simulating the function of democratic institutions);
  • open discussions,;
  • expert from different country will participate at the activities and will explain the function of institutions
  • intercultural activities, to promote a better knowledge and understanding of the different cultures.


The accommodation, food, and visa for all participants will be covered in total by project budget. Travel expenses will be reimbursed to the participants, according the Rule of the European commission. Please note the supposed cost of journey between your country and Kayseri ( the most economic travel is by train and bus and cheapest travel by plain ) . Each participant must prove tickets, invoices and boarding cards in order to be reimbursed. Maximum travel costs reimbursed for 1 Romanian participants are of 275 eur (both ways).

For MORE DETAILS please read the info letter: InfoLetter-Y-mocracy


Fill in the ApplicationForm_Ymocracy and send it to roxana@ymca.ro until 20th of December 2015! In the subject line please write: application for Y’MOCRACY-Turkey





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Let’s Get it Started



3rd of November 10th of November 2015



“Let’s Get it Started” is a training course organized by YMCA Baia Mare, for 26 youth workers from 11 countries (Armenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey), which will take place in northern Romania, in Baia Mare, between 3rd of November and 10th of November 2015 (excluding travel days).

11205568_10155505540245366_5628534959366283089_nAim: to give participants the opportunity to learn and experiment different methods of non-formal education in order to help and empower young people they are working with to develop various skills and aptitudes needed in their personal and professional development for increasing their employability chances. Also, in turn, participants will gain skills, aptitudes and competences necessary in their youth work.

The methods used during the activities will be non-formal such as: role play, energizing games, intercultural learning & dialogue, open space, world café, photovoice, living library, team building, learning to play and playing to learn, animations etc. Each day will be designed for a different non-formal education method. The trainers and 11958226_10155971595190366_8522487947398191064_ofacilitators will present to the participants the method, after that they will have to implement it themselves in the local community




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Turkish Delight

“Sustainable and Ecological Life in Europe” was a training course which took place in Turkey-Kayseri (Gesi), between 22-29 May 2015 and it was organized bye “Green Future” (informal group). The main topics of the training were: permaculture, eco-life, eco-building, eco-village, nature, organic farming, free range, freeconomy. YMCA Baia Mare sent 3 participants: Andrei, Iulia and Vlad. Here are their stories:


“My name is Andrei Moldovan, I’m 25 years old, and I participated in an Eco camp in Kayseri-Turkey, between IMG_270522nd-29th of May 2015.

Once I landed to Kayseri, I knew a great experience is expecting us. I and my co-nationals Vlad and Iulia got there one day before other participants, from 6 other countries, so we had a day just for ourselves, to get to know the village better, and our hosts, who were extremely welcoming and friendly.

During that certain week, I had the chance to meet amazing people, taste IMG_56891great food cooked by our host (I even gained 2 kilo because of her J), visit breath-taking places like Cappadocia, with its amazing scenery and landscapes, sleep in a tent again, do ecological activities and discussions, and to disconnect from the daily routine, be without internet and phone signal, shortly, to be closer to nature and people.

At the end of this camp, before leaving Turkey, I decided to spend few more days visiting Istanbul and fell in love with it again.

All in all, it was a great experience, which can hardly be described in only few lines. And whoever considers taking trainings in this kind of camps, don’t hesitate! You might lose the best fun of your life!”


“Hello dear readers!

IMG_5250We are Iulia & Vlad and we want to share our wonderful experience in Turkey with all of you.

First of all, let us tell you why we applied in this project (Sustainable and ecological life in Europe). We think that we spend most of our time in the city, locked in an office, in an artificial environment away from nature. We sense more and more the urge to reconnect and return to our roots, with more respect for the environment. When we saw the project’s IMG_5789theme, we thought that we can improve our knowledge in this subject that we are most concerned: ecology and sustainability. A very nice thing was also that the project was held in Turkey, a country that we are attracted by its culture, its taste and colors.

We stayed for one week in a small and remote village called Gesi at a IMG_5974wonderful family that tried and succeeded to make our visit as nice as possible. For us it was like a big happy family reunion, even though it was the first time there.

We had the opportunity to exchange ideas with participants from other countries in ecological problems and explore local environmental concerns and issues.IMG_5476

It was such an amazing experience “juggling” everyday between meetings, team projects, games and field trips (we had the time to visit Capadoccia, Kayseri and Istanbul).

One of the best things it was that we had the chance to stay at a local family, to explore experience and taste the “real Turkey”. We had such wonderful time with everyone there and just wished that we could have stayed a few more weeks… we’ll just leave the pictures to talk.”



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EVS vacancy in France – 12 months


Project title: Citoyen Volontaire Contre les Discriminations


Period: 1 October 2015 – 31 September 2016


Coordinating Organization:  Ensemble au Val d’Ornay – La Roche sur Yon, Pays de la Loire, France

Sending Organization: Asociatia YMCA Baia Mare, Romania

Volunteer’s profile 

1 vacancy for 1 Romanian volunteer.

Age: 18-30

– basic knowledge of French and English language (speaking), responsible, with a sense of initiative, motivated, creative, hard-working, good in working with children and teenagers, willing to coordinate his/her own workshops for children and youth, assist them in their activities.

Volunteer’s role and tasks:P1180190

  • The volunteer will have to promote the EVS program and widely the youth mobility to the public of the local community centers and also to our partners of popular education.
  • He/she will develop intercultural, intergenerational and others projects according to the association values.
  • He/she will develop these projects through many fields. The volunteer will be in touch with different peoples according to the specific project. For example:sport stage with young people from 10 to 15.

Children sector:

  • He/she will take part in leisure activities on wenesday during out of school time and during holidays.
  • He/she will take part in wakening of babies with “ludobébé” and “ptites frimousses” (children/parent time).
  • He/she could develop actions on the “terrain d’aventure” site (area with garden for project about environment)
  • He/she will build an activity about his country and  his culture.
  • He/she could develop intercultural, intergenerational projects head for this public.
  • He/she will take part in the childhood committee where the inahbitants discuss and organize projects head for this public.
  • He/she will discover the administrative functioning of the sector.

EVS teamYouth sector:

  • He/she will take part in the different receptions times and leisure time with people from 11 to 25 in the youth club.
  • He/she will take part in the development of youth exchange projects and summer camps. We will use his nationality and the knowledge of his country to continue the partnership with the organization.
  • He/she will discover different working places..
  • He/she will promote the youth mobility with communication tools and his own experience.
  • He/she will promote the EVS program to the youth city coordination and the others partners.
  • He/she will develop intercultural, intergenerational projects. He will discover the administrative functioning of the sector.

Family and local life sector :

He/she could get involved in project linked to the family sector, like foreign journey, locals parties, outing, ludornay( game areas with show programs), workshop, do-it-yourself activities. He/she will develop citizenship, intercultural and intergenerational projects.



  • travel costs are reimbursed 100% in the limit of 170 EUR
  • Project covers international health insurance, accomodation, monthly utilities (water, heating, electricity, internet), French language lessons
  • Volunteer will receive a monthly individual support (allowance) of 115 EUR, plus money for food and local transport.


  • Please send your CV (with photo) and motivation letter, both in English, to roxana@ymca.ro, until 20th of September 2015In the subject line please mention: EVS France


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