Y4U - YMCA Baia MareYMCA Baia Mare is a youth non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organisation constituted in 2001 according to the Romanin legislation, and it is co-founder of the national YMCA movement – YMCA Romania Federation, federation of NGO’s from Maramures County, Maramures County Youth Foundation.

Our aim is to develop nowadays society through empowerment of youth, consolidating communities and supporting families according to the principles of democracy and human rights.

Our purpose is developing a collaboration environment through working with dedicated volunteers, partnerships with local authorities, NGO’s, CBO’s, youth groups, for increasing their involvement in conflict resolution and solving issues generated by multiculturality and diversity.

In our activities special emphasis is on promoting democratic values and basis for multiculturality, pluralism, development of civil society, citizen’s involvement in decision taking.

Promoting non formal education programs through activities requested by the target group in order to identify and approach issues relevant for young people thus establishing a secure environment for free communication, personal development and community empowerment.

As far as our members & volunteers are concerned, the association is run by a Board of seven volunteers, has 3 paid staff – CEO, programs coordinator and volunteer coordinator & office manager, more than 80 active members and 200 of volunteers with contracts and dozens of supporters in the local and international community. The beneficiaries of Baia Mare YMCA are at least 2000 young people and kids per year reached directly and their families as well as thounsands through street actions, festivals, media.

YMCA Baia Mare provides educational, recreational, social and values-based programming for youth, being recognized as a leader in youth field and as an asset in the local community and Maramures County.

Our main programms and projects are focused on youth needs and we provide: trainings, civil services, camps, sports workshops and classes, international exchanges, workshops, youth center, festivals, environmental projects, social inclusion project-working with roma children, recruitment campaigns, creating an youth online community magazine -“Youth Voice“, Kids Club.

Here are some projects and programms that we runned during the last years:

  • “Art against drugs”: prevention in drug consuming among younsters: co-financed by Local Council and City Hall -2006
  • “Get involved”: organizational management and specialized trainings provided for other NGOs – co-financed by National Youth Authorities – 2006
  • “Don`t hesitate, act!”–Youth in Action training program for other NGOs – co-financed by National Youth Authorities – 2007
  • “Photoshot” 1st edition (2007) and 2nd edition (2008): photo contest and exhibition for youngsters who has a passion for photography and promoting new talents co-financed by National Youth Authorities -2007/2008
  • “Community youth center 4U”: establishing a youth centre in the community :co-financed by US Washington State Department through US Embassy in Bucharesti- 2006-2007
  • “Life Skills: Let`s learn from each others”: social inclusion project with poor kids and roma kids – co-financed by Peace Corps- 2007
  • “Baia Mare youngsters in action”: sports, festival, ecology, arts, anti-tabacco trainings: co-financed by Local Council and City Hall -2007
  • “Youngsters serving the community”: empowering the youth to take actions, to get involved in the community work: sports, ecology, festival, social inclusion activities, cultural evenings, recruitment campaign : co-financed by Local Council and City Hall -2008
  • “Path to art”: promoting traditional songs and dances among kids and youngsters – co-financed by Maramures County Council -2008
  • “YMCA Basketball” – classes /service provided for kids between 10-15 years old -2009
  • “Friendship Camp” 1st edition, 2nd edition and 3rd edition– daily camp for roma kids and very poor neibourhood kids – co-financed by Beaver County YMCA (USA) – 2007, 2008, 2009
  • “7 wonders of YMCA” – promoting volunteerism, social inclusion, dialog between different ethnical, social, cultural, groups, support the elders and kids from orphanages-2009
  • “TenSing”– weekly workshops : singing, dancing and acting (theatre) 2005-2009
  • “Kids Club” – 2 hours per day different kinf of activities for kids between 5-12 years old: funny games, crafts, funny science, english, drawing, music, dance, story club-2009
  • “Youth online community magazine- Youth Voice” – 2009

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