EVS vacancy in France – 12 months


Project title: Citoyen Volontaire Contre les Discriminations


Period: 1 October 2015 – 31 September 2016


Coordinating Organization:  Ensemble au Val d’Ornay – La Roche sur Yon, Pays de la Loire, France

Sending Organization: Asociatia YMCA Baia Mare, Romania

Volunteer’s profile 

1 vacancy for 1 Romanian volunteer.

Age: 18-30

– basic knowledge of French and English language (speaking), responsible, with a sense of initiative, motivated, creative, hard-working, good in working with children and teenagers, willing to coordinate his/her own workshops for children and youth, assist them in their activities.

Volunteer’s role and tasks:P1180190

  • The volunteer will have to promote the EVS program and widely the youth mobility to the public of the local community centers and also to our partners of popular education.
  • He/she will develop intercultural, intergenerational and others projects according to the association values.
  • He/she will develop these projects through many fields. The volunteer will be in touch with different peoples according to the specific project. For example:sport stage with young people from 10 to 15.

Children sector:

  • He/she will take part in leisure activities on wenesday during out of school time and during holidays.
  • He/she will take part in wakening of babies with “ludobébé” and “ptites frimousses” (children/parent time).
  • He/she could develop actions on the “terrain d’aventure” site (area with garden for project about environment)
  • He/she will build an activity about his country and  his culture.
  • He/she could develop intercultural, intergenerational projects head for this public.
  • He/she will take part in the childhood committee where the inahbitants discuss and organize projects head for this public.
  • He/she will discover the administrative functioning of the sector.

EVS teamYouth sector:

  • He/she will take part in the different receptions times and leisure time with people from 11 to 25 in the youth club.
  • He/she will take part in the development of youth exchange projects and summer camps. We will use his nationality and the knowledge of his country to continue the partnership with the organization.
  • He/she will discover different working places..
  • He/she will promote the youth mobility with communication tools and his own experience.
  • He/she will promote the EVS program to the youth city coordination and the others partners.
  • He/she will develop intercultural, intergenerational projects. He will discover the administrative functioning of the sector.

Family and local life sector :

He/she could get involved in project linked to the family sector, like foreign journey, locals parties, outing, ludornay( game areas with show programs), workshop, do-it-yourself activities. He/she will develop citizenship, intercultural and intergenerational projects.



  • travel costs are reimbursed 100% in the limit of 170 EUR
  • Project covers international health insurance, accomodation, monthly utilities (water, heating, electricity, internet), French language lessons
  • Volunteer will receive a monthly individual support (allowance) of 115 EUR, plus money for food and local transport.


  • Please send your CV (with photo) and motivation letter, both in English, to roxana@ymca.ro, until 20th of September 2015In the subject line please mention: EVS France


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Amman – An unforgettable experience

Amman-Jordan was the place where the project „Volunteers in a Global Village” was held from 6th to 12th of August 2015. It brought together 25 participants from Romania, Italy, Egypt, Jordan and Latvia. The Romanian team had the following participants: Lazăr Andreea, Cupşe Marian, Bondre Mădălina, Panaite Flavius and  Coman Alina, as group leader.


The aim of the project was divided in two main directions: youth unemployment and active citizenship. It was seen as a platform, where youth around the world presented the situation in their countries and tried to find solutions on how to increase employability. Participants had the opportunity to share their own opinions, their positive and less positive experience, their culture with participants from different countries. In today’s competitive 11891524_869479993105703_5406751645011902538_obusiness world and difficult economy, effective communication and soft skills are more essential than ever before. It is the foundation on which companies and careers are built and a crucial component of lasting success.

The second aim of the project was to familiarize young people with the concept of active citizenship through volunteering. The participants were encouraged to find ways and spaces in the society where they could be active and let their voice be heard.  The objectives of the project were to raise awareness on human rights matters among and towards young people, to promote tolerance among youngsters and break existing stereotypes, to bring different people together and challenge them to do their best.

11828707_10206113930599653_7645237103468701420_nThe educative sessions were organized in the form of exercises, made the participants learn from their own experience and created a proper atmosphere of sharing. Brainstorming, open discussions, statement games, simulation games, gave each participants the opportunity to express ideas and opinions, to understand better other people’s point of view. Themes connected with youth unemployment problems and their impact on one’s lifestyle, debates issues related to the possibilities of overcoming under-and un-employment were carried out throughout the whole project. Participants tried to reduce the skills miss-match between youth and the labour market, how to improve soft skills and how to utilize social media for more visibility to the employees. Employability skills qualifications are designed to support an 11204482_10206113933679730_2556517983447595096_nindividual successfully gaining a job, progressing in a chosen field, preparing the individual for further study and supporting the development of techniques required for successful independent living and job offer. These qualifications are aimed at anyone who wants to live a more independent life, progress in education and / or their employment prospects; get into a job, develop on the job or move onto the next 11822436_10206108448102594_2640777338127096254_njob, as they progress along the career ladder. Labour market issues and youth unemployment, intercultural learning, entrepreneurial learning, creativity and culture, social dialogue and youth participation were also topics for our sessions. The communication courses and seminars helped us develop a truly engaging and responsive communication style, leading to positive results for us and your organization.

During this project we improve your understanding of cross-cultural differences, explore different methods of communication, and learn how to transfer information clearly and concisely according to the needs of the audience. I was very impressed by the facilitators’ positive attitude and participants’ willingness to learn. Trainers such as Alba or Oana are an asset for any organization.11855740_10206123717844328_7376147509550476963_n

The most impressive experience for me during this exchange was the visit to a refugee camp situated in Jerash. Over 24000 people live here. It was created in 1968 firstly as a temporarily purpose, then as a permanent one. These people need a lot of things: financial, and logistic recourses, medical care, water, things… but maybe most of all, the feeling that somebody cares about them and has the patience to listen to them. This was some great people’s job. Kamila, Andres, Alba and Oana are some of the volunteers I’ve met and held activities in this camp for several months. Maybe if their example will be followed by others, some of the refugees’ multiple problems might be solved. You were all examples for me and gained my respect, dear friends.

11811531_10206114232727206_720299351414949759_nEven if we had a busy schedule, we didn’t forget to explore the city Amman. Full of contrasts, crowded and in continuing expansion, it is a fascinating city. And Jordanian people are also amazing.Very friendly, open hearted and hospitable I have the feeling that we’ll be friends for a long time. And my colleagues, the team I worked and had fun with are wonderful people. We were very different from many points of view, but we managed to bound and became friends. Dear friends, you have a special place in my heart! Miss you all!




The project was financed by Erasmus + (European Commission) and had the following partners: West and East Centre for Human Resources Development from Jordan,  Zemgale NGO from Latvia,  Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association from Egypt, YMCA Baia Mare Association from Romania and Youth Cultural Association Moby Dick from Italy.

(by Alina Coman – group leader of Romanian team, president of YMCA Baia Mare Association)



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11 months EVS vacancy in Vilnius-Lithuania


– European Voluntary Service – 



Project dates: 1 October 2015 – 31/07/ 2016 P1170452

(start date to be decided together with the selected volunteer. it has to be in September)

Profile of the volunteer:

Age: 18-30

– basic knowledge of English language

– responsible, with a sense of initiative, motivated, creative, hard-working, committed

Activities of the project: – work with disabled or work with teenagers from disadvantaged background

Sending organization: Asociatia YMCA Baia Mare

Hosting organization: Pal. J. Matulaičio socialinis centras

The hosting organization is based in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania (500 000 inhabitants). The goal of social center is to support the “Blessed J. Matulaitis” parish residents, who have social and economic difficulties. The way of work of this organization is inspired by Christian values, through professional social assistance, social initiatives, as well as community organizing. Such varieties of activities allow the Social center to address many problems (individual or collective). As well we give the possibilities to integrate people in difficulties into the local community.

526786_598970810132926_1950061795_n The activities of the center are:

  •  – Work with young people (children care center, teenager groups, open space for young people, street work, “big brother programs”),
  •  – Work with mentally disabled people,
  •  – Material and food product support
  •  – Social and psychological consulting,
  •  – Family support,
  •  – Research work helping



The project supports  maximum 275 EUR of the travel costs for the volunteer and European health insurance for the whole period of the volunteer`s stay in the hosting country. The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance and pocket money and free accommodation.

!!!! FOR APPLICATIONS: send your CV with photo and a motivation letter to roxana@ymca.ro until 20th of September 2015!!! Please write in the subject line: EVS LITHUANIA and the project you are applying for (see the available vacancies in the INFO LETTER)

Project is funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Programme.


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So FAR, So CLOSE – Training Course



25th of August – 2nd of September 2015



“So Far, So Close” is a training course which will reunite 24 young leaders from 10 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Turkey in northern Romania, near Baia Mare, in Statiunea Izvoare, between 25th of August 2015 and 2nd of September 2015. Together they will experience various methods on intercultural learning and outdoor which they can bring back in their organizations to use in order to motivate and empower the young people they are working with into becoming the young leaders of tomorrow.

The main OBJECTIVES of the project are:

  • promoting and exploring the “outdoor”, “healthy lifestyle” and “intercultural learning” concepts in relation with youth work;10636198_719677674768457_5613164803852928135_n
  • raising the intercultural and outdoor competences of the participants;
  • promoting respect for cultural and European diversity;
  • sharing methods, experiences and tools among youth workers as best practices for encouraging the use of outdoor activities in an intercultural and international context;
  • promoting non-formal education methods and introducing Erasmus+Programme as an opportunity for European youth mobilities.

The working METHODS used during the training course will be non-formal, with a strong intercultural and outdoor approach: role plays, energisers, ice-breakers, movie watching, world-cafe, circle practice, storytelling, open space, learning to play and playing to learn, debriefs, teamwork, rope techniques, hiking and many more.


Participants age 18 + , which are youth workers, young leaders, active volunteers in their organizations, volunteer coordinators, staff, and willing to improve their skills and competences regarding intercultural learning and outdoor, sharing and learning new tools which can be used in working with youth.


FOR APPLICATIONS: Application-Form_So Far, So Close

DEADLINE extended for submitting the applications: 3rd of AUGUST 2015

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My EVS volunteering experience in Estonia

How about an EVS?

“You are young, you finished school but you don’t know what’s the next step, or you didn’t figure out what’s the best for you at the moment, you feel you’re stuck or you simply want to know more about the world. How about an EVS?

IMG_20140917_142543At least that’s what happened to me. I knew I wanted to have a bigger volunteering experience but the moments were just not right. Of course EVS wasn’t going to wait for me, I was heading to my 30s and I wanted to take advantage of it, since it’s once in a lifetime opportunity. So out of the blue, just like that, I decided to apply.

It was fast, the application deadline was in a couple of hours since I decided I wanted to go, I had to prepare a pre-overview of my volunteering activities and I did it. Soon I found out I was accepted as the next volunteer in Lille Maja Youth Center in TaIMG_20141016_201505rtu, Estonia.

It wasn’t my first time living abroad, nor my first working experience abroad but it was the first time to get acquainted with the “youth center” term. And in the beginning it was hard, because I was imagining it differently and the reality somehow struck me but I started to get used to the people, the way of life in Estonia, the way things work out in Lille Maja, to my project…

I lived in a new coIMG_20141015_160048untry, by new rules, eating new food and doing new things. I met new people, Estonians and other nationalities, other volunteers like me, new places, new experiences. I was working with children very different from what I have met before, with people with different behaviors, different ways of life, different views over life. I was soon becoming more like them, without even knowing. And I liked it. Mostly.

I used to think I didn’t learn much from this experience, since I did similar things before and I already had lots of years of work experience but I discovered things I didn’t know about myself and now I know I can do much more. My experience in Estonia was not always happy or fulfilling but I did my best and wonderful things that I can be proud of were born. In the end I was loved by the children, acknowledged by my coworkers, appreciated by my own self.IMG_20141021_205104_2

As a message for all youngsters: go beyond your condition! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and be curious! Wonderful things will happen and you will be amazed of how a small thing can change you for the best and how getting to know people from all around the world makes you a better version of yourself. And never stop dreaming! Just remember to choose your project carefully so it fully defines you and your expectations and do it while you’re still young!”

Catalina Ciubar

Catalina did a lot of interesting activities and here we can mention only a few of them: fashion show, cooking club, travelers club, flash-mob,  disco party and the list can go on.IMG_20141105_180105

Hosting Organization: Lille Maja (Tartu, Estonia)

Sending Organization: Asociatia YMCA Baia Marelogo_erasmus_plus

Activity Dates: 13/09/2015 – 31/08/2015

EVS project name: “Avasta, hooli, tegutse!”


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