12 months EVS vacancies in Vilnius-Lithuania


Take a 12 months volunteering experience abroad, in Lithuania, Vilnius, starting this September!



Project dates: 01/09/2015 – 01/09/ 2016 11203575_10155505540540366_1325453353971860783_o

Profile of the volunteer:

Age: 18-30

– basic knowledge of English language

– responsible, with a sense of initiative, motivated, creative, hard-working, committed 


You can choose one from the available EVS projects below:

  • Vacancy  in Toys Museum.
  • Vacancy in Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre. 
  • Vacancy  in non-governmental kindergarten „Nendre“. 
  • Vacancy  in Day care Centre „Šviesa“. 
  • Vacancy  in Open Youth Centre. 

!!!! Click here for more details about each vacancy: vacancies_LITHUANIA

11337012_10155565354305366_1413188368622839530_oThe project supports  maximum 275 EUR of the travel costs for the volunteer and European health insurance for the whole period of the volunteer`s stay in the hosting country. The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance and pocket money and free accommodation.

!!!! FOR APPLICATIONS: send your CV with photo and a motivation letter to roxana@ymca.ro until 10th of July 2015!!! Please write in the subject line: EVS LITHUANIA and the project you are applying for (see the list above)

Project is funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Programme.


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3 voluntare EVS in Baia Mare pentru 10 luni

În perioada mai 2015 – martie 2016, Asociația YMCA Baia Mare găzduiește 3 voluntare, pentru 10 luni, prin Serviciul European de Voluntariat al Programului Erasmus+.


Proiectul intitulat ”Above and Beyond” găzduiește 3 tinere din Lituania (Jurgita Kozeniauskaite-24 ani), Spania (Irene Serrano Gamarra-24 ani) și Ucraina (Alina Husar-24 ani).

Dintre obiectivele proiectului ”Above and Beyond” amintim:DSCN2176

  • promovarea metodelor de educație non-formală
  • promovarea cetățeniei active și a voluntariatului în rândul tinerilor
  • promovarea importanței învățării interculturale, a dialogului intercultural și a multilingvismului în rândul tinerilor
  • promovarea Programului Erasmus+ și a oportunităților pe care acesta le aduce în rândul tinerilor
  • promovarea respectului față de diversitatea culturală europeană

Activitățile pe care voluntarele le vor desfășura vor cuprinde tematica proiectului și anume: comunități rrome, creativitate și cultură, participarea activă a tinerilor. Cele 3 voluntare vor desfășura diverse activități în comunitatea gazdă, printre care: activități de incluziune socială cu copii și tineri de etnie rromă și/sau proveniți din medii defavorizate, cu copii și tineri din case de tip familial, activități tip ”afterschool” cu elevi din ciclul primar, ateliere de lucru de artă și cultură  deschise tinerilor din comunitatea băimăreană. Metodele folosite în desfășurarea activităților vor fi de factură non-formală, prielnice dezvoltării de aptitudini și competențe în rândul voluntarelor și beneficiarilor.

the team



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Youth Exchange in Amman – JORDAN

“Volunteers in a Global Village”

International Youth Exchange

6-12 August 2015 – Amman, Jordan




Activity Period: 06-12 August 2015 

  • arrival date: 05 August 2015 
  • departure date: 13 August 2015

Participants profile:10656572_757110004354425_2104624830_n

  • Romanians
  • Age 18-25 years old
  • 4 participants + 1 group leader (18 +,  no age limit)
  • having a  valid passport (temporary passports are not valid for getting a visa for Jordan. participants need a 5 year passport)
  • pro-active attitude, sense of initiative and high motivation
  • having at least a basic level of English
  • 100& attendance in the project activities

Description of the project:

Volunteers in a Global Village is a youth exchange about youth unemployment and active citizenship, which will gather for 7 days, 25 participants coming from 5 countries: Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Latvia and Romania.

The aim of the project is divided into two main directions: youth unemployment and active citizenship. The project is seen as a platform, where youth around the world present the situation in their countries and find solutions on how to increase employability. The second main aim of the project is to familiarize young people with the concept of active citizenship through volunteering

– To create a conscious and responsible civic behaviour in the young people;
– To discuss themes connected with the youth unemployment problems and their impact on one’s lifestyle, to increase self-awareness and empowerment to remain active within the society;
– To debate issues related to the possibilities of overcoming under- and un- employment: how to reduce the skills miss-match between youth and the labour market, how to improve youth soft-skills, how to utilize social media for more visibility to the employees;
– To provide young people with the necessary knowledge and skills to face high unemployment rates within the global arena and with global competition;
– To motivate participants in becoming more active, self-confident and entrepreneurial within their communities; to develop participants’ ability to rigorously plan and implement an initiative, to dare and feel they are influencing their communities.


  • transportation will be reimbursed to each participant in the maximum limit of 270 EUR (for both ways). The sooner you book the flights, the cheaper. We can provide assistance in finding the right transportation.


  • visa is issued in the airport in Jordan. 
  • visa will be reimbursed in the maximum limit of 50 EUR.

Accommodation and food: AMMAN_2

  • All the participants will be accommodated at Sydney Hotel in rooms of 4-6persons, for 8 nights (5-13 August). There are no mix gender rooms. Breakfast included. The hotel is situated 5 min walk from the old downtown and 10min walk from the famous Rainbow street.
    Sydney Hotel
  • 3 meals/ day are provided to each participant (breakfast, lunch and dinner)



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EVS in France – 4 months summer volunteering in France

Project title: L’été multiculturel

3th of June 2015 – 3th of October 2015


Coordinating Organization:  Ensemble au Val d’Ornay – La Roche sur Yon, Pays de la Loire, France cropped-DSC01485.jpg

Partner Organization: Conseil Local de la jeunesse, France

Sending Organization: Asociatia YMCA Baia Mare, Romania

Period: 3  June (7 June the latest) – 3 October  (4 months)

Volunteer’s profile 

1 vacancy for 1 Romanian volunteer.

Age: 18-30

– basic knowledge of French and English language (speaking), responsible, with a sense of initiative, motivated, creative, hard-working, good in working with children and teenagers, willing to coordinate his/her own workshops for children and youth, assist them in their activities.

Volunteer’s role and tasks:P1170075

  • promote the EVS program and widely the youth mobility to the public of the local community center and also to our partners of popular education.
  • develop intercultural, intergenerational and others projects according to the association values.
  • develop theses projects through many fields. The volunteer will be in touch with different peoples according to the specific project. For example: youth exchange with French and Spanish from 13 to 16.
  • The volunteer will work in 3 main sectors: children, youth and family

Children sector:

  • take part in leisure activities during out of school time.
  • take part in wakening of babies with “ludobébé” and “ptites frimousses” ( children/parent time).
  • develop actions on the “terrain d’aventure” site ( area with garden for project about environment)
  • build an activity about his country his culture.
  • develop citizenship, intercultural and intergenerational projects head for this public.
  • discover the administrative functioning of the sector.

YMCA youth festival Youth sector:

  • take part in out of school time and leisure time with people from 11 to 25 in the youth club.
  • take part in the development of youth exchange projects and summer camps. We will use his nationality and the knowledge of his country to continue the partnership with the organization.
  • promote the youth mobility with communication tools and his own experience.
  • discover the different receptions times.
  • promote the EVS program to the youth city coordination and the others partners.
  • develop citizenship, intercultural and intergenerational projects
  • discover the administrative functioning of the sector.

Family and local life sector :

He/she could get involved in project linked to the family sector, like foreign journey, locals parties, outing, ludornay( game areas with show programs), workshop, do-it-yourself activities. He/she will develop citizenship, intercultural and intergenerational projects.

The international committee:

He/she will introduce his country, his culture, and develop the partnership with his sending organisation to all the public.He/she will build activities about his country during specials events.


  • travel costs are reimbursed 100% in the limit of 275 EUR
  • Project covers health insurance (AXA), accomodation, monthly utilities (water, heating, electricity, internet), French language lessons
  • Volunteer will receive a monthly individual support (allowance) of 115 EUR, plus money for food and local transport.


  • Please send your CV (with photo) and motivation letter, both in English, to roxana@ymca.ro, until 28th of May 2015In the subject line please mention: EVS France


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Do you want to spend 10 months volunteering at YMCA Baia Mare in Northern Romania, starting 1st of May 2015? Now is your chance.

  • Project title: “Above and Beyond”EVS vacancy
  • Start date: 1st of May 2015
  • End date: 1st of March 2016
  • Hosting organization: Asociatia YMCA Baia Mare
  • Location: Baia Mare, Romania
  • Applications Deadline: 10/04/2015

Above and Beyond” EVS project will take place in Baia Mare – Romania (northern Transylvania), for 10 months, between 1st of May 2015 and 1st of March 2016.
The project will host 3 volunteers, one from each of the following countries: Lithuania, Spain, Ukraine. Project is already approved.

We need 1 more volunteer from LITHUANIA to complete the team.

Themes: Roma communities, Art and culture, Anti-racism/xenophobia, Social exclusion (in general), Youth information, Youth leisure, Media and communications, Other
Targets: Youth and children, Local Community, Other


  • Age: 18-30 years old
  • Basic knowledge of English language
  • pro-active, with a sense of innitiative, commitment and responsibility
  • creative, open-minded
  • willing to work with children, youth, minorities and the disadvantaged
  • We accept volunteers with few opportunities as well (ex: geographical and/or economical obstacles, cultural differences, social difficulties, broken homes, etc) . If it applies to you please mention it in your application.

TASKS of the volunteerYMCA team

Among of the volunteer’s tasks we mention:

  • coordinating local volunteers of the hosting organization (teenagers),
  • attending weekly meetings with local volunteers and support the staff of the organization in preparing activities
  • updating the EVS blog weekly with new stories and experiences
  • updating hosting organization’s website and facebook page with news/events/photos
  • media: creating posters, flyers for various events of the hosting organization and the EVS project
  • creating promo videos for the EVS project and sharing them online
  • social inclusion: working with a group of Roma (gipsy) children in a daily center with the supervision of the social workers and in foster homes
  • organizing events on various topics for the local community
  • organizing and promoting non-formal education methods for the local community, such as: world-caffe, living library
  • after-school classes with children in a primary school by using non-formal methods
  • attending trainings provided by the hosting organization
  • creating your own workshop, according to your needs and interests


  • Please send your CV (with photo) and motivation letter, both in English, to roxana@ymca.ro, until the 10th of April 2015.


  • travel costs are reimbursed 100% in the limit of 275 EUR
  • Project covers health insurance (AXA), accomodation, monthly utilities (water, heating, electricity, internet), Romanian language lessons
  • Volunteer will receive a monthly allowance of 60EUR, plus money for food and local transport.



YMCA Baia Mare team

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